Recommendations for dress code at company events

Coral Club hosts a number of events every year. They include casual meetings, cocktail parties, product launches, announcement parties, office openings, business networking events, and Coral Club’s annual Forum. When choosing your attire you should always follow the dress code for the event, as well your own judgment, making sure to dress with a sense of understated elegance and style. Here are some detailed suggestions.


The cocktail dress code requires a length no higher than the knee, with accentuated shoulders, waist, and bust. Saturated, deep colors such as royal blue, purple, emerald, and dark chocolate are appropriate. Black is both understated and luxurious.

The informal style is sparing when it comes to accessories. No more than two items should be worn. If you choose to wear jewelry, select something elegant without pomposity. Imitation jewelry should be of high quality.

Being under the lights of the main stage is just cause for donning your evening gown. These can be luxurious, ornate, and adorned with rhinestones, embroidery, or beadwork. The hem should always reach the floor.

Not only are flowing straight dresses welcome, but also princess gowns with petticoats. The fabrics employed for evening gowns are only the best and most refined: silk, chiffon, and velvet.

Evening festivities encourage open shoulders, although they should be elegantly veiled in a spencer, fur shawl, or wide scarf. It’s the perfect occasion for precious jewelry, and bijouterie of the highest class can also be used.

As for shoes, only pumps, open-toe high-heeled shoes, or even boots on an elegant stiletto should be worn. Shoes and pantyhose are selected to be of the same color, or the color of the shoes should be a little more saturated. Thick black tights are a taboo, as well as short square heels.

The cocktail style always includes a clutch.


Men need a look that assures everyone gathered respects the institution of corporate events and the colleagues gathered there.

A suit should typically be dark gray or navy blue, while black should be left for more formal affairs. A single-breasted jacket with two or three buttons with the lowest one always left undone is preferable.

A good-quality cotton shirt is the second most important item in a suit. A navy suit goes well with a white, sky blue, gray, lavender, purple, or maroon shirt. A gray suit pairs with the same tones, except for gray itself.

It’s best to wear a tie, especially if you are planning to give a speech. At the party following the working part of the event, you can probably forgo this wardrobe item. Classic leather shoes should be worn, preferably without laces, but this isn’t a rigid rule. They should be black or dark brown.

Socks should be of a darker color than the suit and plenty long. Having part of your leg peeking out of a gap between your socks and your pants when sitting down is a major faux pas.

Accessories can include a wedding band and a watch, subdued and refined; signet rings and insignia showing the person’s status as a company leader are also allowed.

At major events (for example Forum), variants on the black tie style are a good choice. The style itself is the second most formal dress code, and mandates a tuxedo, silk belt (cummerbund), and bowtie. It is permissible to depart from strict dogma: a single color dark (black) suit, with a white shirt and tie, and oxfords with laces.