A service offered to new customers and distributors, who visit the Company website and do not have an enroller. Coral Club Distributors with the rank of Emerald Director and higher can apply to be part of the program.

The compensation that is paid to a Distributor. There are multiple Bonuses that a Distributor can qualify to receive. Each has their own criteria, but usually the criteria includes a measure of a Distributor’s sales volume and the sales volume of their structure.

Club Member ID (CCI ID)
The unique identifying number issued to each Coral Club Member.

Compensation Plan
The rules that define how a Distributor earns ranks and compensation.

Coral Club Distributor
Someone who purchases a Distributor Kit and, having met all the criteria, submits all the necessary correctly and truthfully filled out Application and Agreement to Coral Club. Coral Club must approve and accept the application. A Distributor’s role is to promote the Company’s products and opportunity. A Distributor is eligible to receive compensation from the Company according to the Compensation Plan.

Coral Club Member
Any individual who registers with the Company, receives a CCI ID and is able to purchase products at Club Member prices. Includes Members, Premium Members and Distributors (all ranks).

Any club member who recruits and registers others as Coral Club members.

The level of Coral Club membership where the person becomes eligible to purchase products at Club Member prices.

Organizational Structure
The hierarchical structure of Club Members Sponsored by a Distributor as well as others Enrolled or Sponsored by them.

Premium Member
The level of Coral Club membership where a person, having met the criteria, begins to receive discounts on future purchases.

The title that each Coral Club Distributor earns, based on various criteria that are described in the Compensation Plan, which usually includes their sales volume, the sales volume of their structure and how well they develop their structure (the ranks of the Distributors in their Structure). The first rank that is attributed to a new Distributor is “Assistant”. A Distributor’s compensation is determined in part by their rank.

Referral Code
A 12-digit number that is issued to every Club Member and is designed to facilitate registering other members.

Referral Link
The Referral Link is the unique link provided to each Club Member and is designed to facilitate registering other members.

A Distributor who recruits and registers someone as a Coral Club Distributor. A sponsor has certain obligations and responsibilities including coaching, mentoring and training his Downline Distributors.

Volume Point (VP)
The point value that is attributed to each Coral Club product. Volume Points are used in determining the amount of discount to be received by Premium Members. They are also a measure of how well a Distributor is performing. Volume points are used as criteria for ranks and as a component of the calculation of Bonuses.