If any Coral Club Distributor is found to be in violation of the Company's rules, they should inform the violator of the Coral Club's rules, offer assistance in correcting the violations, and warn of sanctions for non-compliance with the Company's rules. If the violator refuses to correct the violations, expresses unwillingness to cooperate with words or actions, the distributor is obliged to inform the Company about the violations through the approved feedback form.

10.1 If a Club Member violates the provisions and / or conditions of the written rules and instructions of Coral Club, the Company has the right to block the violator's club number and / or deprive him of the right to distribute activities, as well as apply one or more of the following sanctions.

10.2. Assign a probationary period and oblige to correct violations by the Independent Distributor.

10.3. Forbid:

10.4. Limit the growth of the rank according to the Marketing Plan.

10.5. Refuse to recognize the merits of an Independent Distributor: congratulations on achieving new ranks at events, in the Company's offices, as part of monthly webinars recognizing new ranks.

10.6. Suspend bonus-discount payments for a certain period of time until the violations are corrected and / or certain conditions occur.

10.7. For the following violations, violators and their referees are subject to unlimited fines: