4.1. Internet and social media

The internet is an effective tool to forward your business. We recommend that you use the internet in order to promote information about yourself, the Company and its values, the Products; any other information that will help to recruit new customers and distributors as well to improve your reputation and the reputation of the Company. Any such promotion, however, must be in compliance with all of the provisions of this section 3-1.

The following rules will help us to maintain a positive and unified image of the Company.

4.2. Distributor websites and other social media

Subject to the requirements set forth below, you may create your own website to promote Coral Club products and the opportunity.

4.3. Registering your website

Within 3 business days of launching your website, you must register the URL in the official Distributor Website Registry (DWR).

Not registering the URL is a violation of Company Policy. The Company will periodically and randomly review the registered websites and notify Distributors of any compliance issues with their websites. Failure to rectify any compliance issue brought to your attention is a material breach of the Contract.

By registering your website in the DWR, you:

1. are acknowledging that your site conforms to all company policies and that any violations may lead to enforcement actions by the company;

2. will receive:

4.4. Designing website banners

All Independent Distributor websites should use one of the banner templates provided.
The banner (top portion of the web page) shall be visible on all pages of the website.

You can create your own banner, as long as it meets all of the Company’s requirements. You can request the requirements and subsequent approval by contacting the Company using the Feedback form on the Company’s website.

4.5. Laws and regulations

Laws and regulations differ depending on jurisdiction, therefore your website must contain accurate and lawful information for the region that you are working in. This includes only displaying information about products and opportunities that are available in that region.

4.6. Use of the company logo

You may use the Company’s logo, names and descriptions of products as well as unaltered text from the pages of the Company’s official website that are not restricted to members only. The footer or the body of any webpages or online documents that contain authorized text or graphic images from the Company website, must contain the following phrase: “This website contains materials from the official website of Coral Club” or “This document contains materials from the official website of Coral Club” where the phrase “official website of Coral Club” will be a link to the Company website.

4.7. Designing your website or social media page

Your website, or any other social media page, should make it clear that it is not an official Company website/page.

1. You may not use the following, or similar to, names: coralclub, coral-club, coralorder, cciworld and mycoral, when registering a website, public profile/account/group on any social media. Distributors who registered a nonconforming URL, public profile/ account/ group prior to the enactment of these policies, shall make the appropriate changes within one month of being notified of such by a Company representative. The Company reserves the right to:

2. The design of your website may not be similar to the official Company website in order to further ensure that visitors are clear that they are not visiting the official Company website, but the website of a Distributor of the Company. The Company’s Brand Book provides further details that will help you in designing your website.

3. When providing your contact details, it must be clear that they are your own and not of the Company. You may not make statements that would cause a visitor to assume that your website is the official website for any specific region.

The following statements, and other similar statements are not allowed:

The following statements are recommended:

4. Your email address(es) shall not contain the name of the Company or its products in their full or abbreviated form, or any other name(s) that the Company may deem unacceptable, for example: “coralorder”, “cci”, “mycoral”, unless the email address(es) is provided by the Company.

5. You may not claim a physical presence in multiple locations at the same time. This applies to any website or service on the internet, not just your website. You must indicate the only physical location where you reside. You may indicate that you have a member of your Organizational Structure in a different region with their contact information or a link to their website, with that Club Member’s prior consent.

6. If your site provides the possibility to use any type of avatar, you may not use the Company logo or Company name for any type of avatar. Additionally, you must ensure that other users of your site do not use the Company name or Company logo as their avatar.

4.8. Restricted material

1. You may not make the Company’s Compensation Plan available for viewing or download anywhere on the internet. The Discount Program can be made available.

2. You may not display or make available for download product pricing or bonus values.

3. You may not publicize the address and contact information of the Company on your website or anywhere else on the internet, including map services (for example, Yandex Maps, Google Maps etc.).

4.9. Additional rules

1. You must regularly review your website and social media: public profiles/accounts/ groups to ensure conformity to all regulations, which may change from time to time. You must inform the Company of any other websites that violate this policy.

2. You must regularly review any sections of your websites that allow for visitors to leave comments and delete such comments if they are unlawful, unethical, or can damage the Company’s reputation.

3. Your website and other online activities must be well written and care should be taken to avoid spelling and grammatical errors.

4. You must ensure that any information contained in the Meta tags or Titles of your website is factually correct and does not violate any Company policy.

5. You are prohibited from using the name of the Company or its products in full or abbreviated form, or any other name(s) that the Company may deem unacceptable (for example: “coralorder”, “cci”, “mycoral”) as key-words in search engine advertising.

6. You may not sell any Product or take any orders through your website, nor can you insinuate the same. Online Product sales are conducted only by the Company. The primary purpose of a Distributor website is to provide information.

7. You may engage third parties to assist you in creating your website or any parts of it.

8. You may not use any registered website for profit generated in a way that is not related to the Company and its products.

9. It is your obligation to ensure that your website content is truthful, not deceptive, and does not mislead customers or potential Distributors in any way. Websites and web promotion activities and tactics that mislead or are deceptive, regardless of intent, will result in disciplinary action.

Misleading tactics include, but are not limited to, spam linking (or blog spam), unethical search engine optimization (“SEO”) tactics, misleading click-through ads (i.e. having the display URL of a Pay-Per-Click (“PPC”) campaign appear to be directed to an official Coral Club Corporate Site when it in fact goes elsewhere), unapproved banner ads, and unauthorized press releases. The Company will be the sole determinant of truthfulness and whether specific activities are misleading or deceptive.

4.10. Internet use rules

Apart from your own website, you may engage in online activity that will help to promote you and the company. Below are general rules for conduct online, which apply to your website as well.

4.11. Social Media/Social Networking

You may use social media and social networking sites, blogs, forums, message boards and the like in order to:

1. Provide preliminary information about yourself and the Company.

2. Provide a link to your website and/or the Company website.

3. When using these tools, you must adhere to the following:

4.12. Spamming

You may not engage in unsolicited mass emails, otherwise known as Spamming. You can use mass email services as long as the provider of the mass email services is wellknown and reputable and you obtain the recipients’ prior consent to receiving the email.

4.13. Avatars

When using different types of avatars (including but not limited to icons, userpics etc.) on social sites, you may not use the Company name or Company logo or name in the avatar.

4.14. Enrolling

When enrolling a new Member or Distributor through the online enrollment process, you may assist the applicant in completing the enrollment materials, but may not complete the process on behalf of the applicant. The applicant must personally review and agree to the Distributor Agreement and other enrollment materials. In order to simplify the Enrolling process, you are provided with a Referral Link and a Referral Code. Both may be made available on the internet (your website, media websites, etc.), provided that the following rules are adhered to:

1. The Referral Link must be preceded by the following text, which cannot be altered in any way, including font format:

Please familiarize yourself with the Rules of Registration.

2. The Referral Link may only be transmitted to a person after they confirm their desire to become a Club Member. To obtain confirmation, you can use the following tools:


Your conduct online should always be in line with Company policies-especially the Distributor Code of Ethics.

In case if you are not clear on the interpretation of any rule of this policy, you should contact an authorized representative of the Company in advance, in order to receive clarification.

The Company reserves the right to request any changes to and/or removal of any Independent Distributor website/public profiles/accounts/groups off the any social media site at its sole discretion. Violation of any Company policy will constitute a breach of the Contract and the Company may elect any/all remedies available at its disposal as described in the Coral Club Business Manual.