6.1. Distributor presentations

Distributors are encouraged to organize and conduct presentations with the purpose to motivate, train, educate and develop various management and leadership skills. The following rules apply to such presentations.

1. Presentations with more than 80 attendees require prior Company approval.

2. In order to be a presenter, you must:

Distributors who hold a rank lower than Diamond Director, or persons who are not Coral Club Distributors, need to receive prior written approval from the Company.

Participation in any event or presentation is voluntary.

6.2. Guidelines for a successful presentation

1. Do not refer to any commercial training programs.

2. Do not use any materials from other companies.

3. Avoid religious and political themes.

4. Do not provide false or misleading information about the products.

5. Do not recommend products as a treatment for any disease. Your statements about products should adhere to FDA regulations and Company policy. Please refer to Appendix 3 for details about presentations at Company events.