Some of the events that Coral Club hosts every year include presentations by Distributors. Distributors can nominate themselves or others as presenters at an event. The Company selects Distributors who have achieved a certain level of success so that the audience can learn from their experience. Distributor presentations are done in the format of the Personal Story.

7.1. Personal Story

Your Personal Story is the story of your success. It is a way to convey to your listeners the path that you took to get to where you are today by describing significant milestones in your life. It is a structured way for you to showcase yourself and what you do as well as the tools and techniques that helped you achieve your goals.

Your Personal Story is a tool in its own right. Your Personal Story should include:

This format of presentation ensures that the audience receives the most benefit from your personal experience of success.

7.2. Your Personal Story blueprint

Your Personal Story should be structured in the following way:

1. Start by talking about your background. Talk about where you were born, and describe your family, education, and career. This will help you to build rapport with your audience. Your personal and professional characteristics that were formed in the past make up who you are. Your previous experience was part of you making the choice to join Coral Club. This section should make up 15%-20% of your presentation.

2. The next section should focus on how you joined Coral Club. Talk about how you found out about Coral Club, how you made the decision to join, what you were lacking before (times, money, social statue, etc.), and which of your dreams have become a reality. Mention how you met your mentor and how that changed your life.

3. Describe your growth in the company. Talk about which characteristics helped you succeed and what challenges you faced. Describe in detail the business methods and techniques that work for you and that you recommend to others.

4. Take a moment to thank the Company and your mentors for your achievements. Highlight that following in your mentor’s footsteps, perfecting your own skills, and constant dedication and hard work helped you to achieve your goals.

5. This is the most important section. It should make up at least 40% of your presentation. This is your chance to talk about what the future holds for you. Talk about the goals that you set for yourself and specific actions that will help you achieve them. Share your dreams with your audience and your confidence in realizing them. Inspire, encourage, energize the audience, and motivate them to action. Invite them to follow you into the exciting world of success, the world of possibilities, and the world of Coral Club.

7.3. Common pitfalls

Following the Personal Story blueprint will help your presentation be successful. Here are a few things to avoid:

7.4. Topics to avoid

Some topics are very contentious and may be misinterpreted or evoke negative emotions from the audience. We suggest that you:

7.5. Getting ready to present

We take great care and dedication in ensuring that Company events are successful for all the participants. Below is a general outline that applies to most Company events.

1. Any Distributor wishing to nominate themselves as a presenter at a Company event, should:

2. The final list of presenters and topics should be approved by the Company 6 weeks before the event.

3. The presenter must submit all finalized photo, audio, and video materials, ensuring that they adhere to pre-established requirements, no later than 2 weeks before the event.

4. The presenter’s mentor (his/her Sponsor or another higher ranking Distributor) is responsible for ensuring that the presenter is adequately prepared.

5. Presentation participation rules may vary depending on the specific event and may be requested from the event organizers.